One bike, every road, no compromises.

Introducing OB1 by THESIS. Coming summer 2018.

Your dream bike has arrived.

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How It Works

1. Pre-Order

Choose your size, color, and wheels. If necessary, adjust your stem and crank length, handlebar width, and chainring size. Then add accessories.

Because of our unique direct-to-consumer model, you pay half of traditional retail AND get a bicycle that fits without expensive parts swapping. Sweet.

2. Production

We source components directly from the factories behind the leading brands, bundle them into 90% unassembled kits, and pass the savings to you to invest in professional assembly and fit.

During early access, this period will take 3-5 months from time of order; we expect this to decrease dramatically with future runs.

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3. Assembly & Fit

Your 90% unassembled kit arrives on your doorstep, and you bring it to your local mechanic for professional assembly and a basic fit (typically $195 - $295).

Don't have a mechanic? We've partnered with the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association to make finding one easy.


Let's reimagine how bicycles are built.

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