Meet the OB1.

One bike, every road, no limits.

Our Thesis

How we created our bikes as an act of rebellion.

"Unbeatable." - CyclingTips

"Best trends and tech of 2018"

"Addictively fast and fun." - CX Mag

"The Thesis OB1 should be on your short list."

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Introducing the Thesis OB1: a premium carbon gravel bike for any road, from perfect asphalt to rocky trails and everything in between.

The OB1 is fast, versatile, brilliantly equipped, and built to last. Combine that with our factory-direct pricing, and you’ll understand why it’s been called “unbeatable”.

Chase down roadies and hit the trails on the way back. Pack your gear and disappear for a few weeks. Ride every road that calls you.

Meet the OB1

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How It Works

1. Order

Find the perfect bike for your body and terrain. Choose one of our popular setups, or go custom.

2. Assembly

Your unique bike is built frame-up by one of our in-house professional mechanics. They'll pack and ship it for you 90% assembled so it's almost ready to ride.

3. Ride

Your new bike arrives on your doorstep. Time to go on an adventure.

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We created Thesis as an act of rebellion.

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What they're saying

Impressive to say the least. It's a true speed machine and by far the best road bike I’ve ever owned. The wider road slicks and disc brakes inspire a confidence I've never had when throwing a bike into turns and riding high-speed descents. I had high expectations for this bike, and I’m happy to say it has blown me away.

Rachel C.

I fear I have developed a superiority complex because I see all other bikes, especially the $12,000 bling-bling road bikes, as ridiculous now. The impression I have is that if chased no one would ever catch me because I could just bunny hop over the curb and set off into woods before anyone even knew what happened. This bike screams capability.

Patrick G.

I’m a typical, skeptical mechanic. I’ve worked on and ridden every gimmicky bike in the book. I've never seen one this well thought out.

Aaron C.

Exceeds all expectations. The bike is basically perfect.  Smashed a bunch of PRs with my out of shape for the holidays legs.  Due in part to its just so damn fun to ride. Joy = speed it seems. This thing is a thoroughbred.

Joshua S.

LOVE my Thesis. It's really astonishing how fun it is to ride. The 650b wheels make it incredibly fun to shred fire roads and gravel, and the 700c wheels with 30mm tubeless tires are fast and make chip seal feel like glass. You guys have a winner. Love the bike, love the company, love the business model!

Kelly F.

Hands down some of the best people. If you’re looking into getting a bike... get in touch with Randall. His business and their mission are truly all about the end user and a flawless end product.

Matt E.

My appreciation for the thoughtfulness that went into the bike increases the more I ride it. I love what you guys are doing.

Rich J.

Both the front and rear ends felt stiff under power when I needed it, like on the road bikes I’m used to, and it was just so fun to shred fire roads and singletrack.

Marc Mendoza, founder of Post Carry

Damn it. I don’t want to ride my regular bike now.

Andy R.

Go behind the scenes @thesisbike