What They're Saying

From the Press

"Addictively fast and fun."

"The Thesis OB1 is a versatile, fun bike, especially with the dropper post and the design around the 650b wheels with the ability to accommodate 700c. Other similar bikes exist out there, but where Thesis differs is Jacobs’ thought for the sustainability of the bike industry, partnering with shops and local bike professionals. He also is delivering a great bike at a lower cost to the consumer. [...]  If you are looking for a bike that will cover a lot of ground, the Thesis OB1 should be on your short list."

- CX Magazine

"Not your typical bike brand."

"The OB1 shined throughout. My bright-blue bike was stable at speed, fun in the corners, and efficient on climbs. And the dropper post helped on descents, lowering my center of gravity, and keeping the saddle out of the way as we scooted downhill."

"At the end of the ride, I came away impressed. The OB1 certainly delivers a lot of bike for the price tag.[...] A similar bike from a different maker, sold using the more traditional dealer model, would easily cost north of $5,000. [...] You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t explore the Thesis option."

- GearJunkie

"A masterclass in spec."

"Detail-oriented buyers will love that Thesis provides the thinking behind every component choice on its web site, right down to the thru-axles, chainring, and rear derailleur hanger. It’s an intimate look into Jacobs’ product manager mindset, and one that many potential buyers will appreciate. After all, usually you get no rationale at all behind why a bike is equipped as it is, aside from the assumption that it was the cheapest way to hit a certain price point. [...] Good geometry, great spec, outstanding value."

- CyclingTips

"A killer gravel bike."

"The idea is simple, yet truly innovative and seems to come at just the right time. [...] The overall design looks very good, with an endurance road geometry and minimal branding throughout. Most impressive is perhaps the starting price [...] that not only gets you a carbon frame and fork, but their carbon wheelset as well."

"The OB1 was quick and stable on road, fun and lively on the dirt. The bike is definitely light, attractive and fit-for-purpose. Designing one bike for many purposes was the goal, and we think Thesis may have nailed it."

- Gravelstoke, named in their Top 5 Gravel Race Bikes of 2019

"A magical combination of product design and best-in-class manufacturing."

"You’d be hard pressed to find a better value for carbon rims with a superior set of specs. [...] Thesis’ wheels are built by hand in Taiwan and machine checked; I’m pretty confident riding them. So far, the spoke tensions are the same as the day I got them and I’ve had zero issues after several loaded bikepacking trips and a lot of gravel and two-track riding, as well as quite a few rowdy, technical singletrack rides."

- Bikepacking.com

"A revelation... that one bike really could do it all."

"It's a beautiful bike... a bike that begs to be looked at. [...] This bike is essentially a quiver killer. Something that you can replace your road bike, and many other bikes in your garage."

"It can be almost a platform for every type of riding that you want to do."

- The Gravel Ride Podcast

From Our Riders

I fear I have developed a superiority complex because I see all other bikes, especially the $12,000 bling-bling road bikes, as ridiculous now. The impression I have is that if chased no one would ever catch me because I could just bunny hop over the curb and set off into woods before anyone even knew what happened. This bike screams capability.

Patrick G.

LOVE my Thesis. It's really astonishing how fun it is to ride. The 650b wheels make it incredibly fun to shred fire roads and gravel, and the 700c wheels with 30mm tubeless tires are fast and make chip seal feel like glass. You guys have a winner. Love the bike, love the company, love the business model!

Kelly F.

I've been playing bikes for over twenty years now. This bike inspires a mix of speed, fun and confidence I've never felt before. The capability is impressive to say the least. It's a true speed machine and by far the best road bike I’ve ever owned. The wider road slicks and disc brakes inspire a confidence I've never had when throwing a bike into turns and riding high-speed descents. I was nervous about the change to a 1x drivetrain, but the range and steps between the gears have proved perfect for all of my rides.  I had high expectations for this bike, and I’m happy to say it has blown me away.

Rachel C.

I just raced my XL OB1 at the Old Growth Classic here in Nor Cal. 52 miles of mixed dirt and granite trails with over 8k of climbing. The OB1 with its wide 1x11 gear range, flared bars, dropper post and 650b tires was perfect for this epic, hilly course. The bike climbed extremely well and the WTB byways tires rolled smoothly on paved sections, but it was on descents where this bike really shone. With my hands on the drops and the seat post down, I was able to hold a stable position at high speeds on extremely steep and loose surfaces. I completed the 52 mile course in just over 4 hours which was good enough to earn me a top 10 placing in my age group. This was definitely a day where I had the right tool for the job.

Marcus G.

I’m a typical, skeptical mechanic. I’ve worked on and ridden every gimmicky bike in the book. I've never seen one this well thought out.

Aaron C.

Hands down some of the best people. If you’re looking into getting a bike... get in touch with Randall. His business and their mission are truly all about the end user and a flawless end product.

Matt E.