It started with the OB1, "one bike" with an endurance road geo and two wheelsets for gravel, endurance road, CX, and light-duty adventure riding. With it, we pioneered a one-on-one consult process to dial each bike to its rider's unique fit, fitness, and terrain, with customizable component sizing and gearing, multiple wheel-tire packages, and add-ons like dropper-posts. 


Project N1 fully realizes the one bike vision, with a geometry that adapts the rider's positioning and bike's handling for road, CX, gravel, and everything in between. Each size is its own project, with dimensions, tube sets, and components scaled to deliver the same uncompromised performance under riders large and small. Clever packaging enables generous tire clearances of up to 700x51mm and 650x2.25, all while preserving the timeless look and feel of a road bike.




The result is a one bike dream fleet that empowers riders to invest once in higher quality components, a professionally-honed fit, and only as many wheelsets as necessary for how they want to ride.

Project N1
Fit it once. Adapt it forever.
Road | CX | Gravel | Whatever.