Our Thesis

There's a better way to create bicycles.

We believe finding a great bicycle should be less overwhelming: easier choices, no confusing acronyms, only genuine benefits. It’s a future we’re building through evidence-based thinking, smart sourcing, and long-term commitment. We’re here to build premium bikes that are easy to understand and purchase, and then deliver direct to you at a fraction of the traditional cost. To some it sounds crazy, but to us, it’s a rebellion that anyone can get behind.

But it’s more than just our bikes. We treat our partners like family. We think mechanics and fitters are the unsung heroes of the industry. And we treat our customers with integrity, transparency, and inclusion.


1. Keep it simple

The best choice, hands down

Finding a bike can be a lot of work. We wanted to create a bike that serious enthusiasts, beginners, and mechanics alike would point to as the best choice, hands down. That’s why we make one high-performance bike that rides like a dream and will last you a long time.

One bike, many adventures

We created the OB1 as the perfect bike for every road. Each setup allows the OB1 to take on a completely new personality without altering its high-performance soul.

A ride that's about you, not logos

Our clean design on frames, wheels, and components speaks for itself. No need to be loud when you’re already attracting attention.

Meet the OB1


2. Invest in what matters


We think you deserve the best possible bike for your hard-earned dollars. So we skipped the traditional middlemen and partnered directly with the factories behind the industry's leading brands to bring you amazing technology at a revolutionary price.

Details matter

We design to a mechanic’s high standards and go obsessively deep on curation. We believe in level-headed, evidence-based thinking, and we make our decisions with independent testing and third-party lab data. There’s a story behind how we chose each component, right down to the bolts and bearings, and we take you behind the scenes on every single one.

Hand-built by a seasoned mechanic

Each Thesis bike is hand-built by a single professional mechanic -- not a factory assembly line. That's one seasoned pro building your bicycle from the frame up, then going over every last bolt to make sure it performs to its full potential for years to come.

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3. Empower our community


We think of our riders as good friends. We create our bikes with an intimate approach of integrity, transparency, and love -- you won't find corner cutting or marketing hype with us.

Whether it’s our free personal phone consults to help you design the perfect bike, our Ride It & Love It 30 day return policy, or our no bull crash replacement, we embrace feedback and we’re committed to being here for you at every moment of your ride.


We seek to build partnerships where everyone can win. We empower mechanics and fitters, the unsung heroes of our industry. We treat our factory partners like family. We want everyone to grow with us.

Radical inclusion

We welcome cyclists of all stripes and riding ability. We are united by our love for bicycles, the journeys they take us on, and the joy that comes from powering through the struggle.

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Ride to thrive

In ancient Greece, philosophers considered eudaimonia -- or human flourishing -- the most worthy aspiration in life. We’ve adopted the eudaimonia moth as our emblem. Our dream is to empower more people to go on more adventures and create a happier, healthier world.




Details matter

Ride it & love it:
30-day returns

Invest in community