We're your friendly neighborhood bike nerds.

We believe that buying bicycles should be easy, accessible, and joyful. 

We go deep on evidence-based curation, choosing only the parts we'd be thrilled to ride ourselves. We explain how we made every decision on your bicycle in a transparent and honest way. And we cut the traditional supply chain in half to bring you a high-end bike at a revolutionary cost.

The OB1 is the dream bike we built for ourselves and our friends, and we want you to have it too.

Rubber side down,

Randall and Alice

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How we built a high-end carbon dream bike for $2999

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We dream of a future where more people ride bicycles for a healthier, happier planet.

Here’s our promise to you:

Integrity. No corner cutting or made-up acronyms. We offer you only the high quality components we use ourselves, giving you every genuine benefit available. We make decisions for the good of our riders and stakeholders, not for the sake of investor returns.

First principles thinking. We take a level-headed, evidence-based approach to all that we do. We question all assumptions, and we make our decisions with independent testing and third-party lab data. We stand behind every bearing, material, specification, and manufacturing process.

Radical inclusion. We’re not interested in ego. We welcome cyclists of all stripes and riding ability. We are united by our love for bicycles, the journeys they take us on, and the joy that comes from powering through the struggle.

Accessibility. By going direct-to-consumer and skipping multiple layers of middlemen, we’re able to give you a revolutionary price on a high-end bicycle.

Welcome to the THESIS family.

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