We created THESIS as an act of rebellion.

We're reimagining the cycling industry.

We believe finding a great bicycle should be less overwhelming: fewer choices, no confusing acronyms, only genuine benefits. We think great bikes come from evidence-based thinking, not from marketing budgets. That’s why we created the OB1, a quiver killer for road, gravel, bikepacking, cyclocross, or touring -- at a fraction of the traditional cost.

But that’s just the beginning. We treat our factories and partners like family. We think mechanics, fitters, and bike shops are the unsung heroes of the industry, and they deserve to be compensated more fairly for their skills. We want to build a more inclusive, empowering bike industry for all.


1. Keep it simple

The best choice, hands down

Finding a bike can be overwhelming. We wanted to create a bike that serious enthusiasts, beginners, and mechanics alike would point to as the best choice, hands down. That’s why we make one high-performance bike that rides like a dream and will last you a long time.

Dispelling the myth of N+1

We created the OB1 as a challenge to "needing" five different bikes. Despite the hype around niche bikes, the truth is that the main differences between a road, gravel, cyclocross, bikepacking, and touring bike are tire clearance, mounting points, and marketing. Most folks in the industry admit as much.

A ride that’s about you, not logos

Our clean minimalist design on frames, wheels, and components lets you focus on you. No need to be a rolling advertisement. 

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2. Invest in what matters

A smarter supply chain

We think you deserve the best possible bike for your hard-earned dollars. So we skipped the traditional middlemen and partnered directly with the factories behind the industry's leading brands to bring you amazing technology at a revolutionary price.

Every component matters

We design to a mechanic’s high standards and go obsessively deep on curation. We believe in level-headed, evidence-based thinking, and we make our decisions with independent testing and third-party lab data. There’s a story behind how we chose each component, right down to the bolts and bearings, and we take you behind the scenes on every single one.

Making 20% assembled bikes a new standard

There's a reason mechanics hate factory-assembled bikes: they don’t perform the way they’re meant to, and they’re prone to damaging or failing at crucial moments. Ironically, factory assembly actually costs you more than a high-quality frame-up build by a local professional. 

We save you the cost, deliver the unassembled parts directly from the factory to your doorstep, and let you #supportyourLBS and everyone wins.

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3. Empower our community


We offer you only the high quality components we use ourselves, giving you every genuine benefit available. No corner cutting or made-up acronyms. We make decisions for the good of our riders and stakeholders, not for the sake of investor returns.


We seek to build partnerships where everyone can win. We empower mechanics and fitters, the unsung heroes of our industry. We treat our factory partners like family. We want everyone to grow with us.

Radical inclusion

We welcome cyclists of all stripes and riding ability. We are united by our love for bicycles, the journeys they take us on, and the joy that comes from powering through the struggle.

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Ride and thrive

In ancient Greece, philosophers considered eudaemonia -- or human flourishing -- the most worthy aspiration in life. We’ve adopted the eudaemonia moth as our emblem. Our dream is to empower more people to go on more adventures and create a happier, healthier world.

Our founders

THESIS is the brainchild of Randall R. Jacobs, a former pro cyclist and industry veteran, and Alice S. Liu, a mission-driven entrepreneur.

Meet the team

How we built a high-end carbon dream bike for $2999

It started with long-standing personal relationships with the leading factories. They gave us access to superb components at a factory price only the massive brands usually enjoy.

Then we skipped all the traditional middlemen to bring the bike directly from the factories to your doorstep.

The result? An incredible bike at half the traditional price.

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One bike to rule them all

The OB1 is a versatile bike that hammers on road, shreds gravel, and has mounts for your travels. It’s got every genuine benefit you need, and nothing you don’t. It’s the dream bike you would build if you had access to the highest quality parts from the top factories behind the world’s leading brands. And it travels right from the factory to your doorstep, skipping all the middlemen to bring you an unheard-of price.

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