Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Assembly & Fit

Factory assembled bikes are often poorly put together and rarely fit right out the box. Investing in a frame up build and fit by a local professional results in a more comfortable, better performing, and longer lasting bicycle. That’s why we ship your OB1 to you 90% unassembled and pass on the savings. And here’s the crazy thing: once all build and fit costs are factored in, you actually end up spending less for a bicycle built right for you.
We strongly recommend bringing your OB1 to a member of the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association. PBMA's certified mechanics and fitters are some of the best in the business. A typical professional build and basic fit consultation will usually run between $195-$295, with an advanced fit running more. You can also work with your favorite local bike shop.
If you’re a professional bicycle mechanic, absolutely. Otherwise, we very strongly recommend you to work with one (see "How do I find a mechanic to assemble my bike?" above). Building a high-end bicycle from the frame up requires specialized skills, tools, materials, and techniques. Improper assembly can result in premature wear, component failure, a crash, injury, and even death. There is no better performance enhancer than a professional build and fit, and no better insurance against a broken body or bike. We require you to sign a waiver acknowledging that you are either a professional bicycle mechanic, are bringing your OB1 to a certified and insured mechanic or shop, or accept the risks of not doing so.
While this is not an option today, we are considering it for the future. This may include partial assembly (where we tackle the hard stuff like installing and bleeding brakes) or a more standard 90% assembly. Either way, we'll be investing in having it done by a certified professional mechanic. All that said, there really is no more effective investment in performance, comfort, durability, and safety than a build and fit with a local professional. And it’s actually more cost-effective than if we offered it as a generic factory-assembled bike (see "Why does the OB1 come 90% unassembled?" above). That’s why we’ll always recommend the 90% unassembled bike for our personal friends. We’re also exploring future partnerships with service providers who will do a professional build and fit for you.

Customizing Your OBI

Most riders will do great with our standard component configurations for each size. We offer the option to configure crank arm length, stem length, and handlebar width for those who have a more specific idea of what they want or who are working with a fitter to really dial in their ride. We'll be publishing guides for each of these configuration options soon.
No problem. We offer a generous replacement program to swap your crank arms, handlebar, stem, or chainring size. Swapping is free for new, unused components - just cover the cost of shipping. Email to get started.
650B x 47mm, or 700C x 40mm. And don't worry: the 700C x 30mm road slicks that come standard on our aero-wide road rims also look great in the frame (same outer diameter as the 650B x 47mm option).
Absolutely. Choose among our standard frame colors, or specify a custom Pantone color number (+$149).
Yes you can! We offer a “custom paint” option at checkout for +$149. Just give us the Pantone number of the color you love.
Sure! Just choose the “Matte Black Carbon” option at check-out, as this finish can also serve as a primer. We'd love to see what you come up with, so please send us photos. :)
Hey, glad you asked. There's a good chance we can provide some guidance. Contact us at and let's talk.

Shipping, Returns, and Warranty

By skipping the middlemen in the traditional bike industry, we cut the price of a high-end carbon bike in half. You can learn more on our blog post How we created a high-end carbon dream bike for $2999.
During Summer 2018, the time between pre-order and delivery will take between 16-20 weeks. This is because your customized bike is “made to order”, and because minimizing inventory sitting in warehouses is part of what brings the OB1 from over $6000 retail down to $2999. We expect to reduce lead times as we grow.
For standard bikes, we allow a full refund within 30 days of delivery for new and unopened products. We do not allow refunds if you ordered a custom Pantone paint color for your frame.
We are currently finalizing details and will have our warranty policy published before pre-sales open. Needless to say, we are working to make it as reasonable and pro-rider as all other aspects of our thesis.
We sure do! Details will be published before pre-sales open.
At the moment, the OB1 is only available in the United States. We are exploring expansion into other countries. Send a note to if you'd like to request for your country to be added to the list.
Awesome! For group sales, reach out to us at


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