All Thesis bikes now come professionally assembled.

You asked, we listened. Throughout the last year, many of you told us that while you loved your Thesis bikes, you wanted a more streamlined way to take your bike from its unassembled state to “ready to ride”.

That’s why, starting today, every Thesis bike will come professionally assembled. 

And we don’t mean some quick-and-dirty assembly line build. We’re talking a single professional mechanic painstakingly building your bicycle from the frame up, then going over every last bolt to make sure it performs to its full potential for years to come.

Now when your Thesis arrives on your doorstep, it will be almost ready to ride. To take it from “safe for shipment” to “ready to ride”, you’ll just have to install and secure the bars, seatpost, and wheels. Don't worry, it's pretty simple.

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A few answers to questions you might have:

"Wait, what did you used to do?"
Last year, we ran a pilot of selling our bikes 20% assembled and having riders take them to local mechanics for a high quality assembly experience. We’ve always believed that having a single professional mechanic is important for the performance and longevity of your bike. That’s why we’re excited today to make it easier to get a high quality assembly than ever.

"Cool. Who’s building my bike?"
We’re working with professional mechanics in our facilities in Taiwan. The team is led by our veteran mechanic Wade, whom you might remember from this blog post. Wade's the kind of master mechanic that other mechanics go to for advice, and your bike couldn't be in better hands.

"Are you still supporting local bike businesses in the US?"
Actually, we’re making our partnership program with local bike mechanics and fitters even better. Local businesses in our program will continue to get a referral bonus for introducing folks to Thesis, and we’ll now pay them to do your build too. We've been getting great feedback from program members so far.

"So the price went up, huh?"
Actually, while the price you pay upfront went up, your total costs remain about the same. We've seen that professional assembly usually goes for $275-$300 around the country, and you used to pay for that separately when we were offering 20% assembled bikes. By wrapping that price together with your bike, we're now paying a mechanic directly to do your build. In other words, what you're spending on a Thesis bike remains the same.

"I already ordered my bike, but it hasn't shipped yet. Can I get mine assembled?"
Most likely, yes! Contact us at by February 20th and let's talk.