Choose your bike setup

No matter how you ride the Thesis OB1, it's an unbeatable gravel bike. Choose one of our popular curated setups with the perfect wheelset + gearing for you, or design a custom OB1.

Each setup allows the OB1 to take on a completely new personality without altering its high-performance soul. Find the one that’s right for you below.


The Shredder

Fast, capable, and sure to put a huge grin on your face.

Our most popular (and possibly most fun) option. If you’re looking to spend most of your time on the trails, the Shredder is born and bred for gravel. Just like you.

  • Wheels: 650B carbon wheels // 47mm tires
  • Gearing: 42T chainring // 11-46T cassette


The Roadie

Hold your own on the group ride, then take the long way home through the woods.

More than just a capable road bike. Whether you’re out on group rides or solo epics, the miles fly by with speed and comfort. Even if the terrain starts to crack a little, you won’t.

  • Wheels: 700C carbon wheels // 30c tires
  • Gearing: 46T chainring // 11-42T cassette



The Adventurer

Get lost. Find your way. Get lost again. Climb over that ridge. Camp out. Repeat as needed.

For the explorers who disappear not just for hours, but for days. It’s all the best capabilities of our Shredder with gearing that's even more forgiving.

  • Wheels: 650B carbon wheels // 47mm tires
  • Gearing: 38T chainring // 11-46T cassette



The Omni Edition

Defy boundaries and have it all.

One bike, two wheelsets, and easy swapping in 90 seconds. It’s never been easier to have one bike to do it all.

  • Wheelset 1: 700C carbon wheels // 30c tires // 11-42T cassette
  • Wheelset 2: 650B carbon wheels // 47mm tires // 11-46T cassette
  • Chainring: 44T 



The OB1 Custom
Starting at $3299

Create the perfect bike for your body and ride style.

Choose the wheelset, gearing, and fit to suit your personality and favorite terrain. 

  • Wheels: Your choice of 650B or 700C carbon wheels
  • Gearing: Your choice of chainring and cassette
  • Fit: Your choice of handlebar width, crank length, stem length, and dropper post length


Want to use your own 1x or 2x drivetrain? Check out our Bring Your Own Drivetrain option.



Questions? Get a one-on-one consultation.

We know that finding the perfect bike can sometimes be overwhelming. That's why we offer free personal OB1 consultations over email, phone, video, and in person.

Have a question on fit? Need help choosing the right build kit or configuration for how you ride? Let us help. We'll treat you like a friend and help you find the best bike for your needs, regardless of who makes it.

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