Behind-the-scenes: the factories and people behind THESIS

Visiting our frame factory in Huizhou, China for final inspections 

This month, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the people behind the scenes who make THESIS possible.

Our team recently traveled to Asia and had a chance to spend quality time with the factory owners, line workers, mechanics, and vendors we work with every day.



Adam in Huizhou, China

Adam is the account manager at our frame factory. He and his hardworking team helped us design, produce, and test over a hundred changes to the OB1 frame over the last year. During this trip, Randall and Adam inspected the frames together before approving it all for shipment.



Danny in Xiamen, China

We feel fortunate to call Danny (left) our business partner and friend. Danny's factory focuses on high-end carbon rims, and his team makes our high performance carbon rims possible.



Sharon in Chang Hua, Taiwan

Sharon is an old friend at TranzX, the vendor who makes our seatposts, dropper posts, stems, handlebars, and thru axles. TranzX manufactures high-end products for many of the industry's leading brands. People like Sharon are the reason we’ve been able to deliver the quality and pricing you see on our bikes.



Wade and Leaves in Taichung, Taiwan

Wade (left) is a pro-level mechanic with a brilliant mind for process and packaging design. He’s the type of master mechanic other mechanics go to for advice, and we've done our test builds with him to make sure everything is dialed.

Leaves (right) is the account manager at our logistics partner in Taiwan. She’s our mission control, making sure parts are in stock, inspections are up to par, and your boxes travel safely to your doorstep. She’s focused, detail-oriented, and funny, and we feel lucky to have her.