Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson
Creative Director

Sam is a lifelong cyclist, occasional racer, and mechanic. At Thesis, he draws on his background in marketing, photography, video production and journalism to tell the stories that our bikes write. After working in shops as a professional mechanic, he realized that the bike industry deserves a better model; one that elevates the talented skilled professionals in the industry and builds more sustainable businesses.

Why do you love cycling?  Since that first day without training wheels, riding bikes has never stopped leaving me with a profound feeling of freedom ever time I go for a pedal. There's nothing quite like setting out into the mountains under your own power. I also cannot tolerate running as a form of exercise.

What type of riding do you enjoy the most?  Mountain biking will always be my true love, but increasingly I find myself stringing together mixed terrain routes and riding to the trails on my OB1.

Why do you love working for Thesis?  Outside of working with a great team of people and being able to eat sleep and breathe bikes, it's hugely gratifying to be able to try to tackle longstanding challenges that I see persisting in the bike industry. 


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