Thesis Rider Spotlight: Andy Wong

Meet Andy Wong:  Bay Area cyclist, talented cycling photographer (@chaos888), and avid rider of his Thesis OB1 gravel bike.  Andy can be seen most mornings riding his OB1 on gravel and pavement.  You can also find him across our website on videos and photos we shot this summer of the legendary terrain on Mt. Tam that inspired the Thesis OB1.


Why do you love cycling?

Cycling brings back that feeling I had as a kid; being able to jump on the bike and go explore and discover. It combines the best things about driving and hiking without the negatives. You can travel large distances and see many things, and go places a car can't go. At the same time you're outside and free from the obstructions of car windows that separate you from experiencing what's around you.

I've met so many people and made so many friends through cycling.

Eating (to replace all those calories spent)!

What type of riding do you enjoy the most?

Riding on back roads and these days, now that I have my OB1, gravel riding on trails.

Tell us about your experience with your Thesis OB1.

I've been loving it. It's opened up a whole other world of riding for me with many new places to explore. Every time I'm on a new trail, I'm a) blown away by the beauty of the new places I'm discovering, b) excited to go out and try a route I've never done before and c) very thankful I have the OB1 to take me to all these places I previously couldn't go to before. I did some gravel riding on my road bike but the OB1 has made what used to be sketchy, a lot of fun.

Anything else you want to share with the community?

Get an OB1! 🙂



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