THESIS Wheel Guide: Checklist and Assembly

THESIS wheels are hand-built and digitally checked to ensure even tensioning, roundness, and true for maximum stiffness, strength, and longevity.

Wheelsets include:

  • Tubeless tape [pre-installed]
  • Tubeless valvestems [pre-installed]
  • Valve core removal tool
  • Cassette spacer (for Shimano-style 11spd MTB cassette on Shimano-style 11spd Road freehub body)
  • Extra universal spoke + nipple

Wheel packages additionally include:

  • Tires  [pre-installed]
  • Cassette [pre-installed]
  • Rotors  [pre-installed]
  • Tubeless sealant [(2) 60ml bottles]

Assembly Instructions

  1. Remove the valve core from each valve stem using the valve core removal tool (included).
  2. If mounting your own tires, use a compressor to seat the beads, then release the air.
  3. Add the recommended amount of sealant to each tire via the now open valvestem.
  4. Re-install each valve core using the valve core removal tool.
  5. Air up tires to around 20psi.
  6. Rotate the wheel and flip it side to side to evenly distribute sealant.
  7. Air tires up to your preferred pressure, being sure not to exceed the maximum for each:
    1. For THESIS Ultra-Wide 650B, maximum pressure is 40PSI.
    2. For THESIS Aero-Wide 700C, maximum pressure is 90PSI.
  8. If installing your own rotors, be sure to grease the lockring threads and torque lockring to 35-40Nm.
  9. If installing your own cassette, be sure to add the cassette spacer if needed, grease the lockring threads, and torque lockring to 35-40Nm.
  10. Clean rotors with a clean cloth and isopropyl alcohol.



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