THESIS OB1 Bike: Frame-Up Assembly Guide

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For Riders

Before you send your bicycle for a build, please inspect your boxes carefully to make sure all parts are present and undamaged.

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Here's a friendly reminder of what you agreed to when you purchased your THESIS bike:

I understand the OB1 is a 20% assembled bicycle and that improper assembly can result in product damage or failure that may lead to injury or death. I agree to bring my THESIS bicycle to a qualified and insured professional mechanic for frame up assembly, or else that I am a qualified professional mechanic assembling it myself. I further agree not to hold THESIS liable for any damages resulting from improper assembly.

Why do we believe local professional assembly matters?

Factory-assembled bikes are often poorly put together and rarely fit right out the box. Investing in a frame-up build and fit by a local professional results in a more comfortable, better performing, and longer lasting bicycle. That’s why we ship the OB1 to you 20% assembled and pass on the savings. And here’s the thing: compared to factory assembly, once all build and fit costs are factored in, you still end up spending less for a bicycle built right for you.

If you need help finding a professional bicycle mechanic to assemble your bike, drop us a line at We’d be happy to help.

For Mechanics

Build Time: 3-4 hrs for a skilled professional mechanic, depending on bike options and add-ons

Click here to view the latest frame-up assembly guide. We will continue to enhance and improve this as we get your feedback, so please make sure you always check back here for the most updated file.

Last updated: December 7, 2018

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