RidersClub Hub

Welcome to RidersClub.

By choosing to ride with us, you support our ability to keep doing what we love. RidersClub is one of the many ways we're honoring that choice and growing Thesis in alignment with our values, the interests of our riders and other stakeholders, and the change we wish to see in the world. It is also our way of thanking you for being a part of what we're building and for bringing your friends along for the ride. 

All Thesis riders are automatically eligible for RidersClub, including those who purchased their bike second-hand. And for those who already have a bike and still want to be part of our community, we offer other ways for you to participate and engage.

With gratitude,

- The Thesis Team


"The Ridership" Community

The Ridership is the next phase of our vision to make bicycles, and the transformative experiences they enable, accessible to all who feel called. Founded in partnership with The Gravel Ride Podcast, The Ridership is an online forum and resource hub that brings riders of all backgrounds and abilities together to connect and support each other along the ride.

The Ridership includes channels for:

  • Sharing routes, ride reports, & photos
  • Connecting with riders in your area
  • Coordinating COVID-safe rides & events
  • Discussing gear choices
  • Selling & trading
  • Getting bike fit & training advice
  • Other helpful resources for new and experienced alike

A community is only as strong as the participation and ethos of its members. We hope you and your riding friends will join us in making The Ridership itself an ever more generative vehicle for connection.

Join The Ridership


SpreadLove Donation Program

Have a bike you no longer need? Donate it to a non-profit that provides bicycles to children and adults in need and we’ll reward your generosity with a $100 gift card when you purchase a bike. And if you’re fortunate enough not to need the gift card either, let us know and we’ll make a donation to that same non-profit in your honor.

Simply drop us a note at hello@thesis.bike with “SpreadLove” in the subject and your donation receipt attached to get started.


Theft Recovery Preregistration

We’ve partnered with 501(c)(3) non-profit Bike Index to preregister every bike we produce, increasing the likelihood that your bike will be recovered if stolen while simultaneously making it a less attractive target. And to honor your privacy, we first register them in our name and then invite you to claim yours once it has shipped.

Bike Index is a 503(c) non-profit founded by Thesis friend and rider Seth Herr. We’re honored to have him in our community and to be piloting this important program together.


InThisTogether Replacement Program

When things go awry, we’re here to get you back in the saddle as painlessly as possible. 

Some brands offer “free” crash replacement programs in an attempt to justify exorbitant pricing. Others offer “discounts” equivalent to their wholesale pricing, essentially profiting off riders’ misfortune.

We believe in a more transparent and collaborative approach, offering unbeatable pricing up-front and at-cost crash replacements should something go awry. Simply be transparent with us about what happened and we’ll get you what you need for what it costs us to get it to you.