e*thirteen 11 Speed Cassette

e*thirteen 11 Speed Cassette

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Massive range with minimal weight makes the e*thirteen's TRS Plus cassettes an excellent choice for a number of use cases. The 9-39T offers substantial range and smaller jumps between gears, with a 9T overdrive gear to give you a road-bike top end that you want spin out. The 9-46T has even greater range than our AXS 1x Eagle build kit, while remaining relatively trim, making it well suited to carrying a load while bikepacking when paired with a smaller chainring. e*thirteen's 9-42T is the Goldilocks of gravel gearing: just right.

9-39T offers 433% of range that is perfect for road riding

- 9-42T offers an even wider 467% range that is plenty for steep road and dirt riding

- 9-46T offers a massive 511% range that you'll appreciate on steep dirt climbs

- 315g +/-5% (9-39T) | 330g +/-5% (9-42T) | 395g +/-5% (9-46T)

NOTE: all e*thirteen cassettes require either a SRAM XD or XDR freehub and appropriate spacers. If you are currently riding an OB1 with a SunRace cassette, you will need to swap to an XD freehub.