Thesis Endurance 148 Saddle
Thesis Endurance 148 Saddle

Thesis Endurance 148 Saddle

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[Note: We expect to start shipping our next batch by end of October, 2021.]

Wide, short, cut-out saddles like this one first gained popularity among triathletes and time-trialists looking for improved comfort over long stints in extremely aggressive positions. Eventually roadies and mountain bikers discovered their benefits and brought them into their disciplines as well. With a bit more cushion for mixed terrain riding and hollow Cr-Mo rails for outstanding strength, this is a saddle meant for long days on rough roads.

We spec our Endurance 148 saddle across our entire line of bikes. Our riders love it so much that many have outfitted their entire stable with them.

- 148 width
- 244 length
- Wide, supportive nose
- Pressure relieving padding and cutout
- Hollow Cr-Mo rails
~ 260g