New: the OB1, now with AXS 1x and 2x.

A year ago, we were excited to announce the OB1 all-road gravel bike, our high performance bike built for any road (and singletrack too) with confidence-inspiring handling, slick performance, and lasting durability.

Building on the impeccable parts spec of the original OB1, we’re excited today to launch our OB1 AXS 1x and OB1 AXS 2x bikes with SRAM’s new Force AXS drivetrains.

The OB1 AXS 1x Gravel Bike

When SRAM released AXS earlier this year, we decided the time had come to bring on the electronic groupset options that had been so widely requested in our community.

Why AXS? Because it’s the first electronic groupset SRAM released that meets our uncompromising standards for performance and versatility.

  • Last year, we hadn’t found any SRAM 2x drivetrains that could match the chain retention and crisp shifting off road that the Rival 1x on our original build does. With Force AXS, this changed. SRAM’s new wireless electronic derailleur, which is built around a fluid damped pulley cage, allows our 2x drivetrain to handle the rigors of unpaved riding without missing a beat.
  • Along with their road AXS offerings, SRAM also introduced AXS Eagle mountain bike groupsets with cross compatibility with their road levers, opening up wide range electronic 1x shifting to drop bar bikes for the first time. SRAM Force AXS levers paired with their AXS X01 Eagle derailleur are a match made in heaven: 500% gear range with the simplicity and rugged reliability of a 1x drivetrain.

For those who demand the pinnacle of SRAM’s engineering, we’re pleased to bring you our OB1 AXS builds.


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