The Gravel Ride Podcast: Thesis Founder Randall R. Jacobs on the making of the OB1

It was an honor to be interviewed by Craig Dalton at his studio in Marin County. The Gravel Ride Podcast offers an inside look at the personalities, organizations, and technologies that are shaping the bikes we ride and how we ride them.

Together we dug deep into the thinking that went into the OB1 bike and the business model that is allowing us to deliver it for such a revolutionary price. We also talk about how the industry works behind-the-scenes, dispelling a few treasured myths along the way.

“Having a bike in the closet that enabled me to ride on the road, ride on gravel... and occasionally get out there and do some light touring or bike packing really was a revelation. Your bike can do it all.” - Craig Dalton

You can check out that interview below, and view the transcript here. We hope you’ll give it a listen and send us your questions and feedback.

- Randall