Thesis Dropper Seat Post

Thesis Dropper Seat Post

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A dropper post is a game-changer. Dropping the saddle out of the way allows you to shift your center of mass back and low while freeing your legs to act as suspension. The result is increased control, speed, and confidence over steep or aggressive terrain. They're even great for fast road descents. We've been riding droppers on our drop-bar bikes since before it was cool, so whether you're looking to get shreddy off-road or just want to feel safer on that downhill sweeper, a dropper is an option well worth considering.

- Infinitely adjustable
- Premium 7075-T651 aluminum construction
- 1-piece forged upper with 2-bolt head
- Proven, serviceable design
- Replaceable cartridge
- 495g +/-5% (for the 405mm)

IMPORTANT: Dropper posts have a limited adjustment range and available options may not work for all riders (particularly those on smaller frames). 
Please use geo chart to confirm appropriate length.