Patrick Carey

Patrick Carey
Performance Lead

Patrick Carey is a professional coach, bike racer, fitter, mechanic and skills instructor. His main focus is on helping athletes find optimal health and enjoyment of the sport while growing towards their full potential.

With 22 years (and counting) riding and racing his bike, Patrick knows how to keep the sport both fun and sustainable for a long time. He’s won State and Regional championships in cyclocross and mountain bike and now has his sights set on the National level. Based near the Olympic town of Lake Placid, NY, he runs Speed Science Coaching, where he works one-on-one with athletes ranging from first-timers to National champions. One of his specialities is working with female athletes in cycling and triathlon.

Prior to becoming a full-time coach, Patrick worked as a mechanical engineer in product development and manufacturing where he designed and built everything from forestry equipment to telecommunications gear. These days, he applies that background to developing current and future Thesis products to be the absolute best they can be.


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