For Local Shops and Independent Mechanics and Fitters

We believe that mechanics, fitters, and shops are the unsung heroes of our industry. A core part of our THESIS is creating ways to honor and fairly compensate the skilled work done by local professionals.

We're building a network of preferred partners. As a member of our network, you get listed as a recommended business for THESIS riders for frame up builds, professional fits, and other services they'll need for their OB1. We take no cut, we simply refer you business. You'll get prodeal perks. Best of all, you earn commission for every customer you refer who makes a purchase.

Read on below to learn more about the program and how to apply.


Program overview

We know from our years in the industry that a majority of bike shops are making little to no money on the sale of new bicycles. That’s nuts. We want to change that paradigm and get you off the inventory and debt treadmill.

  1. No inventory, no debt, no model years, and no brand dictating what you do. You’re in control of your own business.

  2. We refer customers your way. Many THESIS customers will need a frame-up build, a fit, and ongoing service. We’ll list you as a local business that will welcome them with open arms, and we take no cut.

  3. We pay your business a 10% commission for referrals on the sale of THESIS products. That’s in addition to what you can earn on a professional frame-up build, advanced fit, and accessories. (Note: you are not required to participate in this. Every business is different, so feel free to sign up for the commission program if it makes sense for you.)

  4. We’ll sell you demo bikes at cost. You can take advantage of this to put them in your window displays, offer them for test rides, or use the deal for your own bike. It's up to you.

Want to learn more? Watch our interview with PBMA founder James Stanfill, or read our blog post on why we built this program.


Requirements to join the program

We want our riders to have the best possible experience with the local businesses we partner with. Because of this, we are working hard to build a network of businesses who have a high level of experience in their craft, put their customers first, and can resonate with our values of integrity, transparency, and inclusion. This is a selective process, and a percentage of those who apply will be invited to join us.

We are looking for partners who:

  • Can nominate at least one experienced mechanic or fitter to act as a qualified THESIS representative. Mechanics should have at least 3 years of experience as a senior or lead mechanic in a shop or for a race team, with specific experience routing and bleeding SRAM road hydraulic braking systems. He or she will handle all service work for THESIS customers.
  • Have liability insurance that covers your work, and hold the licenses/permits needed to operate in your jurisdiction.

  • Can confirm that you have all of the required tools and supplies needed for THESIS service.

  • Have a rockin' reputation in the community and can provide 1-2 customer references if needed.

  • Are based in the United States.

Note: if you are an independent fitter without a qualified professional mechanic in your business, we ask that you please nominate a mechanic in your area who can partner with you on THESIS frame-up builds.


How to apply

To start the process:

  1. Business owners/managers, please fill out this initial application so we can learn more about your business.

  2. Immediately after you fill out the initial application, please nominate a team member (or several) to be your THESIS Qualified representative and have them fill out this form. If a mechanic, they will handle all frame-up builds and ongoing service for THESIS customers. If a fitter, they will be the go-to person we send your way to get fits for their OB1. (If you work for yourself, simply fill out both forms.)

  3. Once both forms are in, we review your application. Businesses who meet all requirements listed above and have Steps 1 and 2 both completed will have their owner/manager invited to a phone chat with us.

  4. We schedule a short technical phone screen with your nominated mechanic or fitter.

  5. You get invited to join the program. Woohoo!

Apply now