How It Works

We do things a little differently at THESIS.

  • We think bicycles shouldn’t be so expensive. That’s why we cut the traditional supply chain in half to bring you a high-end bike at a revolutionary cost.
  • We go deep on evidence-based curation, choosing only the parts we'd be thrilled to ride ourselves. No made-up acronyms, no corner-cutting. We take a doctoral dive on components and we’re transparent on how we chose every part.
  • We want to help you build your dream bike. That’s why we let you customize your bike to your ride style, fit needs, and even your favorite color. We also know the potential that gets unlocked from a professional build and fit and give you the ability to invest in one.

Want to learn more? Take a deep dive on our approach.

Step 1: Create your OB1

Choose your frame size, frame color, and bar tape color. Select one of our build kits, or go custom. Those with advanced fit needs can also choose their stem length, handlebar width, and crank size at no additional cost.

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Step 2: Factory production

We order your customized OB1 directly from the top factories used by the leading brands. This will take up to 16-20 weeks during 2018, and we’re working hard to shorten this time for 2019.

When your order is ready to ship, you’ll receive an email with your tracking numbers. Your OB1 parts will come 80% unassembled in two boxes: 1) your frameset, and 2) your component parts and wheelset.

Why we do this: Our factory-direct model is what allows us to offer you a deep level of quality components, unique customization, and a traditionally $6000 high-end bike starting at $2999.

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Step 3: Get a professional build

Take your 80% unassembled OB1 to a trusted local mechanic to do a frame-up build and basic fit (typically $249-$329). Not sure where to go? Check out the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association directory, or contact us and we’ll help you find someone great in your local area. We'll also begin building a program of approved THESIS mechanics over the coming months.

Please note that the OB1 is not a DIY build: frame-up builds require specialized tools and skills done by a certified professional mechanic.

Why do we believe in local assembly? From all our years in the industry, we know that a professional frame-up build and basic fit will unlock many times its value in performance, durability, and injury prevention. It’s a major part of our THESIS.

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