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We hold demo rides in San Francisco on weekday afternoon/evenings and on Saturdays. We'd love to meet you.

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What our demo riders are saying:

“Usually a new bike feels a bit foreign, but the OB1 made sense to me from the second I strapped it on, even though I've never ridden a bike remotely like it. The bike was an intuitive fit from the first pedal stroke: the way the geometry felt, the way it responded to my inputs, the component choices and the way those components worked together.” - Joshua S.

“If you’re looking for one bike to do everything, this bike can do a lot. I can’t think of a trail or road where I wouldn’t have a ton of fun riding it. I could ride uphill forever on this thing!” - Susan T.

“I’m a typical, skeptical mechanic. I’ve worked on and ridden every gimmicky bike in the book. I've never seen one this well thought out.” - Aaron C.

"I just raced my XL OB1 at the inaugural Old Growth Classic here in Nor Cal. 52 miles of mixed dirt and granite trails with over 8k of climbing. The OB1 with its wide 1x11 gear range, flared bars, dropper post and 650b tires was perfect for this epic, hilly course. The bike climbed extremely well and the WTB byways tires rolled smoothly on paved sections, but it was on descents where this bike really shone. With my hands on the drops and the seat post down, I was able to hold a stable position at high speeds on extremely steep and loose surfaces. I completed the 52 mile course in just over 4 hours which was good enough to earn me a top 10 placing in my age group. This was definitely a day where I had the right tool for the job." - Marcus G.

"My OB1 demo was great. Both the front and rear ends felt stiff under power when I needed it, like on the road bikes I’m used to, and it was just so fun to shred fire roads and singletrack!" - Marc M.

"Hands down some of the best people. If you’re looking into getting a bike... get in touch with Randall. His business and their mission are truly all about the end user and a flawless end product." - Matt E.

"This thing is a no brainer. It’s what I wish an Open or an Ibis Hakka would be. You get way more features, and it costs way less.” - Alex L.

“Awesome bike. Super smooth. I’m very impressed.” - Kevin S.

“Damn it. I don’t want to ride my regular bike now.” - Andy R.