Thesis 2-Piece Aluminum Interlocking Bottom Bracket

Thesis 2-Piece Aluminum Interlocking Bottom Bracket

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Bottom brackets experience extreme loads under harsh conditions. Yet despite years of complaints, many companies are still pressing cheap plastic "press fit" or "PF" BB shells directly into their frames to cut cost without you noticing. This practice predictably results in poor bearing alignment and support, increased friction under load, accelerated wear, creaking, and in extreme cases even irreparable damage to the frame.

Our precision-milled aluminum bearing cups thread into each other to create a stiff, robust, and perfectly aligned shell to support our widely-spaced, large-ball cartridge bearings. It's the same $70+ solution that mechanics turn to when press fit BBs fail. Sure, it adds a few grams, but the result is an efficient-under-load, durable, and easily serviceable BB that won't let you down.

- Precision-milled aluminum shell
- Premium stainless steel sealed cartridge bearings
- Wide BB386 bearing stance