Thesis announces extraordinary limited-time offers on the OB1 and OB1 AXS bikes.

Dear friends,

Thesis has been a labor of love for more than two years now. What started with my partner Alice and me pooling our modest resources and working out of our apartment in California has blossomed into a global community of ethos-driven team members, manufacturing partners, local bicycle professionals, and riders who empower us to do work that we love and who love the product of that work. Thank you all for joining us on this ride.

To be fully open with you, it’s a tough time for small businesses like ours, and we’re doing all we can to weather the current storm so we can continue creating these joy machines for many years to come. If you’re worried about your finances or job security, now is not the time to be thinking about your next bike. However, if you or a friend are in a good place and are in the market for a bike, we’d deeply appreciate your business at this time. 

Extraordinary offers for extraordinary times

We invested heavily in preparing for the riding season not expecting a pandemic. To generate the sales we need to support our team, partners, and community through this period, we’re now announcing these limited time offers on our already unbeatable custom bikes:

  • The OB1 now starts at just $2,799 (normally $3299), or $3998 with both wheel packages, when you bring a friend.
  • The OB1 AXS now starts at just $3999 (normally $4999).

Those interested can simply drop us an email at for more information. And if you’d like to support us in other ways, you can do so by sharing these offers with your gravel-curious friends and communities, on social, and wherever else bicycles are discussed.


Create my OB1

“A masterclass in spec with lots of customization options.” - James Huang, Cyclingtips

All OB1s feature a versatile carbon frame, choice of bombproof DT350-equipped 650B or 700C carbon wheels, and a highly customizable component spec that I’ve personally curated to deliver bleeding edge performance in a package that’s durable, serviceable, and perfectly dialed to each rider’s unique body, fitness, and terrain. In addition to our full range of bar widths, crank and stem lengths, dropper sizes, chainrings tooth counts, we’ve recently added new cassette options from the good folks at at E*thirteen. This allows riders getting both wheel packages to dial the perfect gearing for each while still being able to swap wheels in just 90 seconds.


Gravel cycling demystified

Informed riders are happy riders, but sorting truth from marketing gimmickry can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve collaborated with our friends at The Gravel Ride Podcast to demystify the technical, experiential, and philosophical aspects of this activity we all so love:

Those looking for additional insight into our product philosophy can find it in the “why we chose it” sections for each component in the OB1 spec.

[Photo ℅ Zach Edwards, owner of Boulder Groupetto]


We’re all on this ride together.

While tending to Thesis, our team has also been contributing supply-chain relationships and expertise to sourcing efforts for masks and other much needed PPE for medical workers and the general public. We’ll keep you updated as these efforts progress and will let you know if there are ways you can help. In the meantime, we thank you for doing your part by practicing social distancing and avoiding risky activity that could land you in one of our already overburdened hospitals.

We’re all on this ride together. Wishing you, your loved ones, and all humanity safety, wisdom, and strength during these times of uncertainty and change.

With love and gratitude,

- Randall


[Randall with Thesis Brand and Marketing Director Sam Jackson in the Marin Headlands]


We're here to help.

Bike fit is one of the elements of cycling most often overlooked by riders, yet is arguably the most important factor in performance.

If you have questions on sizing, gearing, wheels, droppers, or just want to say hello, drop us a note at, or simply reply to this email. You can also check out our frame sizing guide to get a good baseline for your fit.