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About the author: Alice S. Liu is the founder of THESIS, a company that's reimagining the bicycle industry. With a background in hypergrowth startups, nonprofits, social impact investing, and community building, Alice has been privileged to work with folks from all walks of life, from homeless individuals to high-net-worth investors. She is passionate about building mission-driven organizations that operate with integrity, treat their stakeholders fairly, and empower people to live brilliant lives.


Today, I'm excited to announce a new way to join us in building a better bike industry: the THESIS Brand Ambassador Program.

Cycling has always been more than a physical sport for me. When we started THESIS, my cofounder Randall and I wanted to be intentional about using the company as a vehicle for empowering and educating others, creating joyful experiences, and fostering more inclusion.

We're looking for cyclists who are leaders and influencers in their communities. If you resonate with our ethos and want to join our mission, we'd love to have you ride with us and tell our story to others. You'll also get a chance to share your own stories and causes with our community.

I encourage everyone to apply, especially women and people of color. I've heard so many folks from those groups say how it intimidating it was to start riding when they rarely met other cyclists who looked like them. It's 2018, and that needs to change.

Questions? Feel free to email me directly at I'd love to meet you.

Know anyone who might be a fit? Please help spread the word.

About the Brand Ambassador Program

At THESIS, we take a rebellious approach to bikes. We want to change the industry for the better, and we'd like your help.

If you're a leader within your local or regional cycling community, and you enjoy writing and taking photos or videos of your adventures, we'd love to talk to you about joining our brand ambassador program.

A THESIS brand ambassador might be the organizer of a club or group ride, be a coach or mechanic, or frequently embark on epic multi-day adventures. You might be a gravel shredder, a roadie, a CX racer, a bikepacker, or better yet all of the above -- the OB1 is a bike for every road, after all. You're the go-to person in your city for bike advice, and you have vivid stories to share about where and why you ride. And most importantly, you share our ethos and want to help us grow the community through compelling storytelling and radical inclusion.

Those accepted into the program will receive a 25% discount on our bikes and wheelsets as well as their choice of custom color (and we mean any color) for their OB1. You'll get the inside scoop and first dibs on new products and programs before they launch. Ambassadors will also get a chance to share their own stories and causes with the wider THESIS community.

We are considering applications as they come in, so be sure to apply today. At this time, the program is open to any candidates in the United States.

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