Get a $100 gift card each time you BringAFriend who also gets a bike.

Dear friends,

Back in March, we launched BringAFriend with the goal of investing resources that would traditionally go to advertising toward instead rewarding our community for helping us spread the word. The program generated so many emails, consults, and orders that we frankly struggled to keep up. We've since expanded our team (we'll introduce everyone soon!), loaded up on inventory, updated our systems, and begun building the infrastructure we'll need to continue to thrive. Thank you for this gift of an opportunity.

Now, we're bringing BringAFriend back!

  • Bring a friend and you'll each get a $100 credit when you purchase your bikes.
  • If you already have a Thesis, introduce your friends to get yourself and them a $100 credit.

Either way, that's a $100 gift on top of our already unbeatable pricing for the same customizable carbon dream bike with carbon wheels and "masterclass" spec that we originally created for ourselves and our friends. And, as a Thesis rider, you'll also be able to apply your 15% rider discount toward whatever parts, apparel, or accessories you chose to apply your credit toward.

Simply introduce your friends via to get started. Sharing with members of your communities, posting on social, contributing to forums or comment sections, and chatting with folks you meet along the ride all help make this program work, and we'll be sure to treat your friends as if they were our own.

BringAFriend is one of the many ways we're growing Thesis in alignment with our values, the interests of our riders and other stakeholders, and the change we want to see in the world. Thank you for being a part of what we're building and for bringing your friends along for the ride.

With gratitude,

- Randall

[Randall & Sam in the Marin Headlands]

We're here to help.

We offer free 1-on-1 consults to make sure you get perfect component sizing, gearing, wheel package(s), and other features (dropper post!) for your unique body, fitness, terrain, and ride experiences. And as a Thesis rider, you'll get 15% off our growing assortment of parts and accessories, at-cost crash replacements, a great warranty, access to our team and growing library of technical know-how, and other benefits to support you along the ride just as you're supporting us by joining our community.